An Important NOTICE



Dear all Color Matters App users,

Finally, the new app update is coming up very soon.

We apologize for all the bugs and inconveniences caused by the app.
We tried many solutions and finally came to the conclusion that in order to solve all of these issues, we had to redesign the whole app from scratch.


Although the app's visual design doesn't change, there are huge changes in the underlying system of the app and the servers that support it.
Therefore, we hope and believe that by using this new system, our app won't experience the same bugs as in the previous versions (prior to version 2.0.1). And that this could give you a pleasant and relaxing coloring experience.

On the other hand, since it is a new system, it is yet to be perfected.

We will continue to improve the app's performance over time.

Before getting more in depth about our updates, we need to inform you that our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy has changed. 

In addition to all the bug fixes and new cool features, there are changes in the membership plans and other important information, please read all about it here (Must Read).

Please be sure that you are well informed about this upgrade.

1. All work in progress cannot be carried over

If you have any “work in progress” (i.e: artwork that you have started to color but not yet published to the Gallery), it cannot be carried over to the new version.

Therefore, all work that was in progress at the point of upgrade will be lost.
So before upgrading to the next version, you may want to finish all your work in progress (i.e: publish to the Gallery or share in your favorite social network app) to avoid losing it. We advise you to turn off the app auto-update in your device’s settings so that you can have control over when you want to upgrade. Then you can turn auto-update on again afterwards.

We truly apologize for this inconvenience and we hope no one loses their work in progress unwillingly. This was truly a tough decision to make, because we know how hard you have worked on your beautifully colored artwork.
We labored hard and searched high and low to find other solutions to prevent this. At last, we determined that it was inevitable. We had to make this hard decision for the good of all users’ experience moving forward.

2. Some posted images in the Gallery went missing.

We are sad to have learned about this problem and truly apologize for it.
The old system had a critical flaw that caused some images published to the Gallery to go missing.
Actions have been taken to save as many images as possible, but unfortunately not all of them were recovered.

This is one of the main reasons why we had to migrate to the new system. It is highly unlikely that the new system will have this same problem in the future.

In the meantime, we truly hope that you won’t allow this problem to prevent you from creating more amazing images. 

3. We need more time to migrate all data from the old system.

a. Migration of the artwork for coloring

The new system requires us to convert every single image into a new format with several adjustments.
We have to convert them one by one.
It will take quite some time for us to work on every image and upload them to the new server.
We are truly thankful to our community for your kind patience during this time. We promise to try our best to finish all of the image conversions within the next couple of months (by the end of January 2021).
In the meantime, we will continue uploading new images, plus the existing images, as often as we can (possibly every day).

b. Migration of the Gallery posts, likes, comments and the friend following list.

We migrate content daily.

If you happen to post something in the old version of the app and then you upgrade to the new version of the app, chances are you won’t see that latest post in the new version of the app within 24 hours. But please be patient because it will migrate eventually.

Moreover, to learn more about the changes in the app please tap here

Here are the summary of important changes you should take time to read:

  • Changes in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Changes in the way artwork unlock works.

  • Changes in the membership plan.

  • Changes in the features in the app.

Thank you for your kind support and attention.

Sincerely yours,


Color Matters App