If you haven't read our Important Notice, please read it first here

Thank you for being with us so far and we hope that you could continue being with us moving forward despite all the changes.

Sometimes we need to make some changes in order to grow.

All of it is intended to make a better app for you.


All of the changes below will be effective per version 2.0.1.

And by continuing to use the app, you have expressly agreed to all the changes made in the app.

Let's start with the new things we've added into the app.

1. Recent Used Colors

Yes, we're a bit behind on this one. Other apps already has them. But now the colors you have used recently can be seen in the Recent Colors Palette and it is available in the coloring page.

2. Color Mirroring

Applicable for all gradient, tint and pearl colors, now you can mirror the color gradients and it will look amazing.

Available for PRO members.

3. Set The Center Of Gradient

Applicable for all gradient, tint and pearl colors, now you can toggle the finger detection on / off. When this is ON, it means the Gradient will be centered on the location where you tap instead of the center of the shape you are coloring. Consequently the "re-tap to re-white" feature won't work while this setting is toggled on.

Available for PRO members.

4. Circular / Radial Gradient Resizing

Applicable for all gradient, tint and pearl colors, now you can change the radius of the circular gradient as well as the radial gradient.

Available for PRO and Deluxe members.

5. Adjusting The Slider Will Dynamically Change The Color

Applicable for all colors, after you color an area, when you slide the slider, the color will change as the slider moves.

Available for PRO and Deluxe members.

6. Added More Music And Colors

We've added a few more songs and some new color palettes in the new version.

Now let's talk about the things that we had to change / remove from the app:

1. Changes In Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Our organization also went through some big changes. Therefore, we had to change the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Please review them before using the app.

Should you have any questions please send an email to

By continuing to use the app you have expressly agreed to all these changes.

2. Changes to Unlocking Artworks. 

This only apply for users without an active subscription and users who purchased Premium membership before.

In the previous version, you may unlock 1 artwork per day by watching two video ads

In the new version, you can unlock 3 artworks per day* and you only need to watch 1 video ad to unlock an artwork.

* Each time you unlock an artwork, it will be unlocked for 24 hours.

After the 24 hour is up, you can unlock it again. This cycle can be repeated again and again.

There is no limit in how many times you're able to unlock the same artwork.

However, there can only be a maximum of 3 different artworks being unlocked at any given time.

If you have colored an artwork and it become unlocked before you finished coloring it, your coloring work will be preserved and you can continue coloring it by unlocking it again.

However, please be informed that the ads won't be functional until the up coming version 2.0.2 or 2.0.3 (hopefully will be ready within 2-3 weeks after version 2.0.1 is available).

3. Migrating From the Old Unlocking Method To The New 

Now that we have a new way to unlock artworks, how about the artworks that we have unlocked in the previous version of the app?

For users who registered in the previous version of the app (prior to version 2.0.1) and/or purchased a membership (either a Deluxe or Premium) you'll get access to ALL the artwork published during the previous version of the Color Matters App. That is more than 2,700 artworks unlocked for you whether you have unlocked them or not (i.e.: Equivalent to someone spending more than 27,000 credits! The credit system has been removed in favor of the new unlocking system as of the new version 2.0.1 please read the previous section above).

4. After Coloring Effects Are Temporarily Unavailable

The after coloring effects such as "Glass", "Shine", "Candy", etc. will not be available until we figure out a way to implement it in the new system. However, the filters, line effects, and frames will still be available.

5. Deluxe Membership Will Not Be Offered Any Longer In Favor For PRO Membership

If you are an existing subscriber to a Deluxe membership, you will still get the same benefits and you will still pay the same price. You will continue to have all the benefits of a Deluxe membership as long as you subscribed. 

However, we will no longer offer this membership in the future and it won't be available for purchase for new subscriber.


The PRO membership has a slightly higher price point than Deluxe membership. It can be thought of like a fusion between the Deluxe and Premium membership. To learn more about PRO membership, you may find more information by reading about it in our app's FAQ section in the Settings tab of the app. 

6. Changes In Premium Membership (the one time payment of $6.99 membership)

First of all, please don't be alarmed, there will be no additional fees you need to pay and you won't lose anything you have paid for but rather you'll get even more benefits.

When the Premium membership was created, we were thinking about:

"How can we allow the people who want to enjoy more of the app beyond the free version but yet to commit to Deluxe membership (an all-access-subscription)?". 


Thus we created the Premium membership as a kind of a "bridge" between the free version and the Deluxe membership.

The $6.99 price tag (lower than a month subscription) unlocks all Solid, Gradient and Tint color palettes and hundreds of artworks (starts with 50 artworks to unlock then added 1 daily) and all the music.

However, with the changes in the app and the ever growing number of artworks and color palettes, we had to be creative so we could give continuous benefit for all users who purchased Premium membership before.

1. This membership will no longer be available for purchase in the future for new members. But if you have purchased it in the past, you will still have it.

2. We increase the limit of unlocking 1 artwork per day to 5 artworks per day (for 24 hours each) .

And you can re-unlock it again afterwards if you still want to color the same artwork without losing your work in progress. Learn more about it in the "Changes To Unlocking Artworks" section above.

How about the artworks you have unlocked in the previous version?

As explained in the "Migrating From the Old Unlocking Method To The New" section above, you'll get all of the artworks published before version 2.0.1. Whether or not you have unlocked them. That is more 2,700 artworks in total. And it will remain unlocked as long as the app is available. (Note: Only available in version 2.0.1 onwards. When you open the app, please allow a few seconds for the app to unlock all of the artworks)

In addition to the 5 artwork per day quota mentioned above, once we implement the ads feature (coming soon), you may unlock 3 more artworks for 24 hours each time by watching ads. Thats 8 artworks in total to unlock per day. Unlocking with ads will be available on the next upcoming versions (ver. 2.0.2 or 2.0.3).

These are all the changes we have so far. We work our best to find the best solution for your coloring experience. With all the trade offs, we trust that you will enjoy this new version of the App.

With all sincerity, 

Color Matters App.