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Dear all Color Matters users,


If you haven't read our apology letter, please read it first here

Thank you for being with us so far and we hope that you could continue being with us moving forward despite all the changes.
Sometimes we need to make some changes in order to grow.
All of it is intended to make a better app for you.
All of the changes below will be effective per version 2.0.1.

And by continuing to use the app, you have expressly agreed to all the changes made in the app.

The Credit System Will Be Removed

Because of the changes in the architecture of the app, we had to remove the credit system altogether.
By the way, the credits were not for sale (no one had to purchase them) but we used them to give perks or to compensate users in some special situations.
The credits were also attainable by watching ads that can be used to unlock artworks.


Now we have added a new feature where you can unlock artwork without the credit system, thus there is no need for the credits any longer.

There was also a bug in the previous app that gives some users a tremendous amount of credits (as big as tens of thousands of credits or more). This wasn’t a part of our original intent and is not written in any product offers.
Any credits more than a few thousand (or more than 10,000) are most likely caused by this bug. 

Our team members here also never give anyone more than a couple of thousand credits and only on some special occasions. 

Now to compensate anyone who has credits and/or has unlocked some artworks, please read the "Changes to Unlocking Artworks" section below.

In the future, anyone could unlock the artwork with a different method that we'll explain below.

Changes to Unlocking Artworks

As a consequence of the removal of the Credit system, the unlocking of artwork using credits is also being removed.

However, you can still unlock artwork by watching ads just like before. The difference is that now it will unlock only for 24 hours with a limit of 3 per day (previously 1).  The ads won't be functional until the upcoming version 2.0.2.
Moreover, there was a problem with the previous/old system that made us lose track of all the unlocked artworks. Thus, in order to compensate for this, we decided:


For users who registered in the previous version of the app (prior to version 2.0.1) and/or purchased a membership (either a Deluxe or Premium), you'll get ALL of the artwork published during the previous version of the Color Matters App. That is more than 2,700 artworks unlocked for you whether you have unlocked them or not (i.e.: Equivalent to someone spending more than 27,000 credits! The credit system has been removed in favor of the new unlocking system as of the new version 2.0.1 please read the previous section above).

Changes In Deluxe Membership

If you are an existing subscriber to a Deluxe membership, you will still get the same benefits, and you will still pay the same price. You will continue to have all the benefits of a Deluxe membership as long as you subscribe. 

However, we will no longer offer this membership in the future, and it won't be available to purchase for new subscribers. In exchange for that, we have a new PRO membership which gives benefits even after the subscription period is over.

Changes In Premium Membership (the previous lifetime $6.99 membership)

There are a few changes to the Premium membership, but there will be no additional fees you need to pay.
You will still get all the Premium membership benefits except for the unlocking 1 artwork per day policy. But we compensate it with an even better deal. Please continue to read below.


Changes are:
1. This membership will no longer be available for purchase in the future for new members.


2. Changes to the unlocking 1 artwork per day policy
- We had to remove this feature. But with the new version, you can unlock 5 artworks per day for 24 hours each, and you can re-unlock it again afterward if you still want to color it.

- About the artworks you have unlocked in the past:
As explained in the "Changes to Unlocking Artworks" section above, you'll get all of the artworks published before version 2.0.1 unlocked for you. That is more than 2,700 artworks in total.

- Are 2,700 unlocked artworks enough to compensate for this? 
As Premium members, in the previous version of the app, you get to unlock 1 image per day. 
Our app has been around since 2016 and if you happen to join at the start when the app was launched, then there are about 1,460 artworks you could’ve unlocked (i.e: 365 days x 4 years). And since we have more than 2,700 artworks published in the previous version, thus we hope that you will not need to worry anymore about which artworks you have unlocked in the past.

- If you have more than 10,000 credits, unfortunately, this was caused by a bug as we have mentioned in the "Changes to Unlocking Artworks" section above.

3. Changes to the limit of unlocking artwork per day.
In addition, once we implement the ads feature (coming soon), all existing Premium users may unlock 10 artworks for 24 hours each time by watching ads. Whereas a regular user can only unlock up to 3 artworks for 24 hours each time by watching ads.
Changes In Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Our organization also went through some big changes. Therefore, we had to change the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Please review them before using the app.
Should you have any questions, please send an email to
By continuing to use the app, you have agreed to all these changes.

Best Regards,

Color Matters App

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